The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series

'The Rolls Royce of filmmaking books' The Times

The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series are THE definitive guides for Independent Film Makers, in the UK, USA and worldwide. The first edition was published over a decade ago and was hailed as a ‘revelation…’ Since then the books have gone from strength to strength, selling close to 150,000 copies.

Over 200,000 copies now sold

The Guerilla Filmmaker's Guide to Screenwriting

304 page, ISBN 1501363271

Using The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook‘s tried and true Q&A style, with selected screenwriters, creating an engaging and easily digestible conversational feel, this book chronicles story theory, formatting, business issues and the creative process itself. . 

‘A cut-to-the-chase book that goes to the heart of professional screenwriting’ 
Jack Epps, Jr., Professor at the John Wells Division of Writing, University of Southern California, USA

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Breaking Into Hollywood: A Guerilla Pocketbook

144 page, ISBN-978-1-62620-052-4 

If you want to work in Hollywood, this insider guide will save you $, heartache and time. A field manual for the LA bound filmmaker. 

‘Read this book, you’ll be five steps ahead of the game before you get off the plane’ 
Matt O’Toole, Co-Producer ‘The Expendables’ 

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The Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook

320 page, ISBN-10: 1441180788 

It REALLY does fit in your pocket! It’s tiny, it’s shiny and it’s crammed with tips, tricks, strategies and tactics that YOU can use on your next digital production.

‘Passionately written and entertaining to read, this is a brilliant how-to book that makes you want to start plotting your movie straight away.’
Lucy Brown, The Stage Newspaper 

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The Documentary Handbook 2nd Edition

528 Pages, ISBN: 9781441183675 

The brand new, fully-updated edition of The Documentary Film Makers Handbook features incisive and helpful interviews with nearly 100 industry professionals as well as in-depth cas e studies of some of the most successful and acclaimed documentary films of recent years. 

‘Packing in everything you could want to know about setting up, shooting and distributing your work, this is the last word on its subject’ 
Empire Magazine 

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The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook (UK)

768 pages, ISBN 082647988X 

Hundreds of interviews with British film experts and a ton of case studies from successful Brit filmmakers. Third edition and a heavy as a brick! 

‘It’s in an undisputed position as the indispensable guide for first-time film-makers…’
Film Review…

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The Movie Blueprint

608 pages, ISBN 0 8264 1453 2 

A cross between cook book, info-graphic and ABC to do list, the Movie Blueprint break the production process down into a step by step guide that will take you through the entire process. 

‘It exposes completely the complexities and hidden conflicts that lie unseen beneath the film gloss and shows the aspiring filmmaker how to plot a safe course through them… one point six kilos of pure gold…’
James MacGregor

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The Hollywood Handbook ...the yellow one

720 pages, ISBN 0826414648 

Crammed with hundreds of interviews with US based filmmakers and film experts, the US Edition of The Guerilla Film Makers Hanbook is essential reading for North American filmmakers. 

‘Your book is the greatest resource, filmmaking tool to come along in the last decade! Hell, I would put it up there with any of the technological advances in the industry, yes, it’s that good…’
Chris Gore of 

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