The Hollywood Pocketbook

‘Read this book, you’ll be five steps ahead of the game before you get off the plane’
Matt O’Toole, Co-Producer ‘The Expendables 1 and 2’

Every year, screenwriters, filmmakers, actors, producers… all take the plunge, get on a plane and head over to Hollywood to ‘make it happen’. 

While some succeed, many fail simply because they just ‘didn’t know what they didn’t know’. 

Don’t fall into the same trap. Get yourself street smart before you hit the tarmac at LAX.

Los Angeles remains the biggest, brightest, sexiest epicenter of western filmmaking, and the ONLY place where you really can walk in with a killer project and find yourself on the set of a multi million dollar studio picture.

Breaking into Hollywood with a guerrilla film.

Hollywood can be intimidating as it is so competitive and not everyone is willing share advice. The Hollywood Pocketbook offers insight into how the game is really played. A definite buy if you are considering making the move to La La Land’ 
Kerry Finlayson, British actress and producer, resident in LA

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What's in the book?

Guerilla Film author Genevieve Jolliffe has earned her stars in Hollywood – she moved over there, got an agent, manager, lawyer, pitched like crazy and ended up selling her screenplay to Warner Brothers. 

The Hollywood Pocketbook will show you… 

  • How to get an agent, manager and lawyer, and what each do for you
  • Killer pitching techniques for studios
  • How to survive in LA in short bursts
  • How to get the right visa to work and live in LA
  • Get insight into how the system really works from the inside out
  • Where, who and how to network your way in
  • Success in LA is all about insider knowlege and strategy. Don’t be a tou
    Breaking Into Hollywood: A Guerilla Pocketbook

144 pages // £9.99 // Size 10cm x 15cm (pocketbook)

‘I’ve just got to page 18 of this informative pocketbook and realise I now know what Tracking, Creative Executive, Agent, Manager actually mean; but I sure could have used this guide to get my head around the concepts before I went to LA’ 
Mike Mindel, Producer ‘Don’t Let Him In’

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Free resources with the book

With the book you will get access to a ton of online resources…

  • 90 minute seminar on breaking into Hollywood with Andrew Zinnes
  • Pitching in Hollywood seminar with David Reynolds (Finding Nemo), Stuart Hazeldine (Knowing) and filmmaker Jonathan Newman
  • Selling a Spec Script in Hollywood, a case study seminar with author Genevieve Jolliffe (2 hours)
  • The Making Of SAW – How two Aussie students made it in LA overnight

Read sections from the book

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Welcome to LA, how the studio system works and how to break in
Chapter 1 – Weclome to LA.pdf
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Living in Hollywood and making the move
Living In Hollywood.pdf
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Also available on Amazon Kindle 

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More Reader Feedback from Amazon

Essential Guide to Breaking Into Hollywood as Screenwriter or Director 2 Mar 2013 by Script Angel 
A really comprehensive, succintly written run through of everything you need to know if you’re serious about breaking into Hollywood as a screenwriter or director. A clear description of the studio system and a particularly useful section on the differences between managers, agents and lawyers as in the UK we only have agents. Also great practical information on getting around, where to live, Visas. This isn’t a screenwriting guide as it assumes that you’re already pretty advanced at screenwriting or directing and are looking to break into Hollywood. Clearly written and incredibly useful.

Invaluable and insightful 21 Feb 2013 by Alexandra D
As a screenwriter planning a trip to LA in the next few months, this pocketbook is invaluable. I feel confident, prepared and knowledgeable about how the industry works and now have the tools to present myself in a way that will help me develop lasting relationships with producers, agents and managers. If you’re thinking of going to LA you MUST buy this book first!

Practical Information for the LA bound Filmmaker 25 Feb 2013 by Scriptpunk
Going to Hollywood and writing screenplays – that’s the dream, isn’t it? It has certainly been mine for as long as I can remember. This book has given me practical, step-by-step advice and information on how to approach my first LA trip. I already had a working knowledge of the LA business, but I was amazed at how much of the details I didn’t know. Don’t expect the usual doorstep Guerilla Filmmakers book, this book is hyper targeted and designed to fit in your back pocket.

A friend in your pocket… 6 Mar 2013 by Leilani
For a small book the chapters go into surprising detail about the way the industry works and the channels taken into the various areas of it, be you actor, director, screenwriter, all of the above etc. and I know that if and when I do head to a city where I know relatively few people and have a lot to prove then having this in my pocket will be a source of succour and a reachable reminder of where my focus should be for those moments where I might feel less courageous, doubting of my abilities or just plain overwhelmed. Like the other Guerilla Pocketbooks before it it’s a friend at your side to reassure you about what you’ve chosen to do.

No-nonsense & good value 17 Mar 2013 by Bang2write
If you’re interested in breaking into Hollywood, or even if you’re just curious about what goes into US filmmaking and how it differs to the UK industry, this book offers a great “crash course”, breaking down all the details for you; plus it offers great online resources for the reader, including seminars. A good value, clear and no-nonsense little tome. Recommended.

Great Advice At A Glance by AGirlCalledMe
An antidote to the deluge of War & Peace-esque books currently on the market. Unlike much of Hollywood, it gets straight to the point. Everything you need to know to get started plus some really useful insight from proper insiders. Definitely recommend it.

Want to live the Hollywood dream? by G Inman 
If you’re heading to LA to live the Hollywood dream then read this book first! It’s probably going to answer the questions you’ve been asking yourself and, more than likely, many you should have asked but haven’t. Straight to the nuts and bolts of living and working in LA from pitching to parking; negotiating to night life, representation, sales tax, visa requirements and the rest. I would thoroughly recommend it.

Absolutely brilliant! – 10th September 2013 by Fiamma Alma
I downloaded the Hollywood book and it is absolutely brilliant! For a know-all like me to say I learned so much, you can imagine how great it is! It is all-in-one, really, really, really brilliant! Please pass my congrats to the author