The Guerilla Filmmaker's Guide to Screenwriting

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Cover of "a guerilla guide to screenwriters advice" featuring a bright light bulb. authors andrew zinnes & genevieve jolliffe are noted; bloomsbury as the publisher.


“Screenwriter’s Advice is a cut-to-the-chase book that goes to the heart of professional screenwriting. This book gives the young writer an opportunity to sit at the table with professional screen and television writers as they talk about writing. Great advice based off years of professional experience on every page. I found myself nodding in agreement throughout. This is a book you will go back to again and again.”
Jack Epps, Jr., Professor at the John Wells Division of Writing, University of Southern California, USA

“Jolliffe and Zinnes’ love and respect for the craft shines through in this book filled with inspiring advice from the creatives in the trenches. A practical guide to the terms and tools of the industry and terrific resource for writers!”
Pilar Alessandra, “On the Page” Screenwriting Instructor and Podcast Host, and author of The Coffee Break Screenwriter (2016), USA

“Genevieve Jolliffe and Andrew Zinnes are two of the most supportive people in the industry. Their advice to screenwriters is actionable, tangible, and thought out. Writers would learn a lot from them!”
Joey Tuccio, CEO of Roadmap Writers, USA

“What a brilliant idea, to elicit the secrets of how great shows and movies are made by asking the people who do it best to describe the process in their own words. The authors pose provocative questions about the story-making process to a deep pool of top writers and showrunners, revealing vigorous disagreement about how to approach structure, characters, and dialogue. And yet, there are fascinating threads of agreement about the rock-solid necessities of connecting with the audience. This book is a wish fulfilled – asking the very questions I would like to ask of the creators of my absolute favorite shows.”
Christopher Vogler, author of The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers (2007), USA

Screenwriters Advice provides a unique and up-to-date view of the screen writing process from the perspective of professionals working in both feature and TV mediums. It is written in a colloquial style, structured around central questions of both craft and the nitty gritty of dealing with a rapidly changing industry. The contributions of professional writers with proven track records are frank, candid, and highly informative. Yet, it is the love of the craft that shines through, making Screenwriters Advice an invaluable resource.”
Hing Tsang, Senior Lecturer in Digital Film Production, University of Suffolk, UK